Foundation Faves


I get asked lots about my favourite foundation. To be honest there are that many I don’t know anymore!

In the studio, I have over 15 different varieties and love each individual one for its own characteristic.

Let’s say I was stuck on a desert island and had to choose one… ok, three – I would pick these and here’s why! #Mariah

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I have used this texture for 10 years now(!!!) and the first colour I bought was definitely not correct. Us English sure like to look Mediterranean, either that or the Retail Artist was colour blind?

Now that I have established my correct shade I absolutely LURV it!

It’s long wearing, oil free and makes your skin look flawless. It’s for those who love a fuller coverage and are not scared to look like they have makeup on. I like to think I look subtle with my style of makeup however you will be able to tell I am made up. I am ok with that!

Being a fuller coverage you need to be mindful of the shade you choose. Mac foundations are renowned for being heavily pigmented.

I wear shade nc30.

Recommended Retailer – Mac in Claremont David Jones, I find the retail artists there have plenty of time to assist you on your splurge and you won’t get treated like you’re on a conveyer belt!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Now for those of you who don’t know CT, get to know her, she’s me mate. Joking, I absolutely wish she was, if you’re reading this Charl, add me on Snapchat. Anyway, Foundation! It’s a similar consistency to Fix Fluid, only it has a velvetier finish. It’s medium to full coverage , dependant on the amount you apply.  Colour-wise, it’s easy to navigate as it is 1-12. I find the shades in this foundation better for the English roses!

I wear shade 6.

Recommended Retailer – Sadly because we live in PERTH! There are no retailers. Unless you are going to Europe, you will have to go to – fast shipping and a great website that is easy to navigate.

Last but not least, I know you’re all expecting me to write about Armani Luminous silk however I find it overpriced and average staying power with the heat approaching.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a beautiful foundation, but for those who want a dewy complexion with a great staying power try Studio Fix Fluid by Mac, mixed with a drop of Harlotte Afterglow foundation (sold at Hidden!)

I mix nc30 with H3 in Harlotte Afterglow- 2 foundations

Brush techniques – I like to use a big fluffy brush when applying foundation. I pop the foundation of choice on the back of my hand and dip the tip of my brush in the foundation. Applying on to my cheek first using a stippling motion to create an airbrush finish.

I hope you got something from my truth behind a few of my favourite products. Next time, I will be writing about powders and blushes.

Thanks for reading,

Kat Joyce