A “Quick Flick" they say…..

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A “Quick Flick" they say….. 

Literally I said to myself rolling my eyes (with my manually applied flick), yet another product to flood the market with nonsense - only to then be stunned by the simplicity of applying liner and a “Quick Flick!” 

A felt tip looking pen on one side and an angled liner stencil on the other.

A liner made for makeup virgins but also loved by Makeup Artists!! I first met Iris (founder of QF and Jason her savvy marketing manager) backstage at A State of Events. My team and I sponsored a business women's lunch and created a soft glowing makeup with a liner focus for the runway show. Being back stage can be stressful with time restraints and last minute changes to shows so the last thing you want is eyeliner going wrong! One of the key products for the look was the Quick Flick modest size 10mm in black. It was a godsend not having to manually apply a flick with liquid on 10 models in two hours.

I prefer to apply the marker pen to my lash line first and then angle the flick side of the pen to the outer corner of my lash line and stamp! I also love to sharpen my flick at the end with the marker pen to give it more precision. I have been using it since I tried it for the simplicity and ease, don’t get me wrong I love gel eyeliner because it is more versatile but 100% more time consuming. I guess you need to ask yourself when buying what your are looking for. I wear black petite 8mm.

Pros of using Quick Flick to apply liner

Quick, easy & waterproof

The blackest pen liner I have EVER used with eyeliner, also voted by HUDA BEAUTY

WA owned brand

3 different sizes and shades, Black, brown and Navy

Holly Garvey is a proud stockist of Quick Flick.

Learn more & shop Quick Flick here

Holly xx


Kat Joyce