Me and My Makeup Bag

Me and My Makeup Bag


WEDNESDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER 6:30pm-8:30pm $80

This Makeup class is a show and teach only. You will be watching and learning with Holly while she demonstrates on a model. If you want more a hands on approach, head to The Makeup University - a 3 week personal makeup course.

A mini course where you watch Holly demonstrate on a model, explain each product she actually uses, and where you can purchase them! Holly shares her tips and advice, dos and the don'ts, and the truth behind what is in her makeup bag. 

What you'll learn...

  • Skin care advice + the correct brushes and tools

  • Natural + full coverage foundation application (including correcting dark circles!)

  • Manipulating products for more variety in your makeup bag

  • Enhance your assets with Highlight and Contouring

  • Talk on the worlds leading brands, both inexpensive and expensive 

  • Applying false lashes to yourself

  • Making lips look fuller naturally 

  • Tricks on balance and symmetry 

  • APRIL 2nd - Watch a 30 minute exclusive Demo by Jessica Twamley as she explains how to wave your hair effortlessly. 

 Plus, receive 10% off any products purchased on the night!

Please note: All workshops are now held at our new studio 146B Railway Parade, West Leederville.

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