me & my makeup bag



me & my makeup bag


Time: 6:30-8:30pm

I often get asked what are my fave brands and tools are and to be honest I have so many!

I want to share with you all my tips and advice, the does and the don’ts and the truth behind what is in my makeup bag. So many women tell me they get overwhelmed when they go to the beauty counters with the confusing amount of product there are to chose from, Well I have a few tricks for you when purchasing for yourself so you do not get roped in to buying unnecessary products that will sit in your makeup bag forever. Watch me demonstrate on a model explaining each product and where you can purchase! 


What you'll learn...

    •    Applying a flawless base

    •    Correcting dark circles

    •    The importance of using the correct brushes and tool

    •    How to enhance your assets with Highlight and contouring

    •    Applying eyeshadow like a boss

    •    Talk on over 10 leading brands both inexpensive and expensive 

    •    Applying false lashes to yourself

    •    Making lips look fuller naturally 

    •    Tricks on balance and symmetry 


What to bring...

Nothing! Just yourself 


The night will start with me demonstrating a look on a model from 6:30pm-7:30pm followed by questions and answers. 

Enjoy some sugar and champagne, whilst becoming your own makeup artist.

     $80 per person.

**PLEASE NOTE: All workshops are held in our new studio 146B Railway Parade, West Leederville.