About holly

ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm excited to announce I will be opening a new Holly Garvey space in west Leederville This November!             Watch this space makeup lovers! xx


Makeup has always been a passion of mine! Ever since I was a young girl begging to do my Mum’s lipstick!

I had an inspirational beauty lecturer in the UK who pushed me to follow my passion and gave me the courage to go for an interview at Mac Cosmetics.

I got a bit creative in the interview and next thing I was wearing a brush belt working in the largest Mac in Europe – What a ride it’s been since then!
I originally came to Perth on holiday from Manchester in 2013. It was supposed to be a final stop after travelling around Asia – but I loved it so much that I never went home!

My Mum’s still got my bed made hoping that one day I will return … Maybe it’s time to tell her I’m staying put, sorry mum!

The morning I was leaving England my makeup kit was staring at me still in its box. I looked at my best friend and yelled “I’m taking the kit and nobody can stop me!” Well, probably not that dramatic, but I took the kit regardless and dragged it around on my travels to Asia (hiding it under the beds of let’s just say some not-so-safe hotels).

Well what can I say, my makeup kit was staring at me for a reason. Within a month of landing in Perth I had a new job with Mac and was out on the road working for one of Perth’s leading Makeup Academies.

I was lucky enough to direct makeup looks backstage at some of Perth’s most established fashion events and loved every minute. I was also soon helping to write the course outlines to improve the academy – getting my first taste of teaching!

In 2016 I opened Hidden, a collaborative creative space – my first baby! But with the growing success of The Makeup University and my training courses, it was time for a new challenge.
I had a fire in my belly and always knew I had to create my own journey, so decided to face the challenges of working alone. I now operate under my own name in North Perth.

The studio offers all aspects of makeup in-house and on location. With a growing team and more exciting changes on the horizon, I couldn’t be happier!

I am a versatile artist and love to create all aspects of makeup. I believe a true artist is someone who can create off the cuff to deliver a complimenting look on the face in front. As much as I love to follow the latest trends, I am not someone who believes that one style of makeup suits all. Each face is completely different, so it is challenging to mimic a look when I don’t see its benefits for you. If I had it my way I wouldn’t get a brief from any client, I would just create a more polished version of you!

Having been a part of so many beautiful weddings, starting The Makeup University™, Holly Garvey Makeup Academy and a creating brush line, it’s safe to say I am glad that fire in my belly never left.

I’ve now trained hundreds of ladies from around England and Australia, from people with no experience whatsoever to highly skilled makeup artists.

I feel so fortunate to do what I love and often thank the universe for allowing me to make a career from my passion.

It’s a job I will never tire of. Every day, every client and every makeup application is completely different. I have learnt a lot on my journey so far but I am still so excited for what’s to come!